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Natural Gas & Electric Aggregation Programs

In November 2005, West Chester residents approved an "opt-out" aggregation program for the community. This action at the voting booth meant West Chester Township customers could purchase natural gas and/or electric as a group. Customers in the program were not guaranteed savings as a result of the program. Residents are also not obligated to participate.

The "opt-out" provision of the program required that residents were automatically included in the program unless they took action to be excluded. Eligible customers are automatically enrolled. Those who don't want to participate must "opt out".

Residents may opt out of either the natural gas or electric aggregation program at any time without penalty by calling the respective telephone numbers offered below.

West Chester first offered eligible residents and businesses a natural gas aggregation program in 2006. An electric aggregation program was added in 2010. The Township partners with Energy Alliances, Inc., a natural gas aggregation agent and electric aggregation broker, to select suppliers of electric and natural gas.

As consumers, even those in the Township aggregation program, it is important to be informed in order to make the best choices.  Please visit the PUCO website to learn more about all available options. West Chester is pleased to make this program available, but Township staff is not prepared to handle calls with specific questions about the program or questions about individual rates and/or savings. These questions should be directed to the respective companies and the telephone numbers provided below.

Are new residents automatically enrolled in the aggregation program?

New residents to the community will not be automatically enrolled in the aggregation program. New residents will receive standard Duke/PUCO rates for gas and electric or they can phone the numbers provided below to be enrolled in the Township aggregation programs. During contract renewal periods, all eligible customers including new residents will receive information regarding the new program rates and the opportunity to "opt out."

When do I have the opportunity to opt out or enroll in the aggregation program?

Once customers enroll in the aggregation program, Duke Energy Ohio will acknowledge the enrollment and send a confirmation letter reminding the customer of the pending switch. That letter will indicate the customer can change their decision to participate in the aggregation by contacting Duke within seven days. Again, aggregation customers can opt out of the program at ANY time without penalty by calling the numbers offered below. Ohio law requires that aggregation suppliers refresh opt-out notices every 2 or 3 years depending on the service.

How does my billing work in the aggregation program and who handles service problems?

Duke Energy Ohio owns and maintains the systems that deliver natural gas and electricity to West Chester residents. Residents who participate in the aggregation program will still receive a single bill - from Duke Energy Ohio; can still participate in electronic bill pay and budget billing. Power outages, etc. should still be reported to Duke Energy Ohio, (1-800-634-4300). 

Why do I continue to receive offers from suppliers when I am enrolled in the aggregation program or when I have petitioned to be removed from aggregation lists?

Neither West Chester Township nor its broker can stop natural gas or electric suppliers from soliciting independenly for your business by mail or telephone. Providing your information, as listed below, only prevents residents from receiving solicitation  regarding aggregation programs.

Does the township government receive funding as a result of my enrollment?

West Chester Township receives no financial benefit by offering the aggregation program or by reaching enrollment goals. All savings are passed along to the customers of the aggregation program.


Electric Aggregation Program 

The West Chester Township Board of Trustees on August 27, 2013, approved a second amendment to a contract with FirstEnergy Solutions to supply electric to the Township's aggregation program. The new contract sets the fixed retail price for electricity for participants in the aggregation program at $.0502/kWh beginning with the January 2014 meter read dates and continuing through December 2015 meter read dates with no termination fee.

FirstEnergy Solutions is an Ohio-based company and a subsidiary of FirstEnergy Corp.

Those currently enrolled in the Township's electric aggregation program will remain in the program at this new price. No action is required to take advantage of the new pricing for consumers already enrolled in the program.

Residents may choose to exit the aggregation program at any time without penalty.

For specific questions about the electric aggregation program, or to sign up or leave the program, call 1-866-636-3749, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

West Chester Electric Aggregation Usage Report shows average monthly customer costs.

How can I get on the "Do Not Aggregate" list for electric aggregation? 

To be excluded from receiving future opt-out notices for electric aggregation, customers may register with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) to be placed on the "do not aggregate" list. There is no similar list for natural gas aggregation.

If the customer's Duke Energy account number changes, the customer must update their request with PUCO. If a customer has multiple accounts, each account must be registered separately with PUCO.  If a customer moves, even within the same utility service territory, the customer must re-register to remain on the "do not aggregate" list.

Three (3) options are available to register with the PUCO on the "do not aggregate" list for electric aggregation. 

  • Complete and submit the online electronic form.
  • Download and complete the printable PDF form and mail or fax it to:
    The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio
    Attn: TeleText Services Division
    180 East Broad Street
    Columbus, OH 43215
    Fax: (614) 466-0313
  • Call the PUCO toll-free at (800) 686-PUCO (7826). Provide your name, service address and the customer account or identification number located on the utility bill.

Natural Gas Aggregation Program

Constellation Energy Services (formerly  Integrys Energy Services, LLC), was selected as the natural gas supplier to the West Chester Aggregation on Jan. 27, 2015. Constellation will supply natural gas for the aggregation program through the March 2017 billing period.

Constellation will offer a monthly variable rate as the initial strategy for the program term. The monthly variable rate is based on the NYMEX gas futures monthly settlement price plus a delivery adder and may change monthly based on current market conditions. A fixed price may be established at a later date at which time notice will be provided.

Residents may choose to exit the program at any time without penalty by calling Constellation at 1-855-838-5606 and requesting to exit the program.

Residents who are newly eligible or who previously "opted out" may request to enroll in the aggregation program at any time. Constellation will try to accommodate residents in this case, but reserves the right to decline late enrollments depending on market conditions.

To "opt out" or enroll in West Chester's Natural Gas Aggregation Program, or for specific questions, call Constellation at 1-855-838-5606, OR visit the website for updated rates and additional information.


Who is eligible for the natural gas aggregation program?

 Your utility company must be Duke Energy

 You must be a resident or qualifying business located within West Chester Township limits;

 You must NOT have already chosen a natural gas supplier on your own;

 You must NOT be a Percentage of Income Payment Program (PIPP) customer;

 You must NOT be arrears on your bill payment; and

 You must NOT be a mercantile customer using over 5,000 CCF/year.


West Chester Natural Gas Aggregation Usage Report shows average monthly customer costs.