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Community Development - Property Maintenance

In order to respond to concerns raised by West Chester residents, the West Chester Board of Trustees adopted in 1997 a nationally recognized model Property Maintenance Code.

The Board recognized a need for a modern code to govern the conditions of land and existing buildings. The Property Maintenance Code of West Chester meets this need through specific property maintenance standards and improvement provisions. The Board enacted an updated Property Maintenance Code published by the International Code Council in 2002.

The Property Maintenance Code establishes minimum requirements and standards for premises, structures, equipment, and facilities for light, ventilation, space, heating, sanitation, protection from the elements, life safety, and sanitary conditions. The code also sets forth framework for the administration, enforcement, and penalties for property maintenance violations.

Property owners and occupants undertake responsibility for maintaining property in conformance with these minimum standards. Planning and Zoning code enforcement officers encourage property owners to consult with them on any questions regarding property maintenance.

Under authorization of the Property Maintenance Code provisions, West Chester code enforcement officers investigate violations and issue notices where applicable. Enforcement action can include up to demolition of a structure. After a violation has been issued, any person affected by a decision of the code enforcement officer may appeal to the West Chester Board of Zoning Appeals. The Property Maintenance Code is an important tool for keeping West Chester a safe and pleasant place to live and work, and serves an important role in maintaining property values.

Property Maintenance Code books may be purchased at the Community Development office, 9577 Beckett Road, Suite 100.