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Senior Van Guidelines

West Chester's Senior Van Service is operated solely by volunteers. They make every effort to accommodate all clients meeting elgibility requirements. The service guidelines are as follows:

ELIGIBILITY – Anyone older than 60 years of age or handicapped adults younger than 60 if confined to a wheelchair are eligible. Individuals who are legally blind also qualify for this service.

SAFETY – For your own safety, seat belts must be worn at all times. Belts must be secured before the van driver can operate the van.

APPOINTMENTS – Please make appointments as early as possible by calling 513-759-7208. No appointment will be taken after 1:00 pm on any given day outside of West Chester Township. This is to allow time to return home those picked up. Appointments are prioritized in the following order: medical, nutritional, financial, social & recreational.

Please be ready 15 minutes before scheduled pick-up time. If an appointment needs to be cancelled, please call the office as soon as possible. If the van service has to cancel an appointment because a van is out of service, or hazardous weather conditions, etc. we will notify you as soon as possible.(When Lakota Schools are closed for bad weather, so is our van service.)

NO ANIMALS WILL BE TRANSPORTED BY THIS SERVICE  – Exceptions to this are service dogs with harness.

WHEELCHAIR NOTES – The driver is responsible for handling all wheelchair clients. The van service has the right to refuse transport of a wheelchair if: there are too many steps, if walkways or steps are snow or ice covered, or if in any condition the driver feels is unsafe to transport.

Please allow extra time following the appointment for the driver to return to pick you up. The driver will be as prompt as possible, but there is always the possibility of traffic congestion. Please be patient and know that every volunteer working for this van service is doing their best to accommodate you.