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Community Services - Road Resurfacing


Pavement Management Program

West Chester Township maintains approximately 216 miles of roadway.  This does not include County roads which are managed by the Butler County Engineer or State and Federal highways administered by ODOT. 

Every year, as part of the Roads Department Pavement Management program, Township streets are visually inspected to document their existing condition. With this information, the Road Superintendent is able to choose roads requiring preventive maintenance, resurfacing or reconstruction.  To help in the selection process, the streets are categorized into three types:  subdivision (neighborhood streets and cul de sacs), commercial/industrial (such as Dues Drive, Duff Drive, International Blvd, etc.) and main arteries (i.e. Dimmick Road, LeSourdsville West Chester Road and Butler Warren Road).


Street Categories & Resurfacing

There are two primary components used to rate roads.  The first is chronological – how long since the street was last paved?  The other is pavement rating.

  • Subdivision streets are expected to last 20 years
  • Commercial or Industrial streets are expected to last 12 to 15 years
  • Main streets are expected to last 12 to 15 years

 After roads are inspected, a condition index is calculated from 0-100. Generally, streets rated 65 to 100 are considered "good." One of our goals is to keep "good" streets in "good" condition.  When roads begin to fail, they fail quickly and the costs to repair them increases dramatically. While it might be tempting to fix "failed" streets first, it would be so expensive that no money would be left for preventive maintenance or rehabilitation of "fair" to "good" streets.

 After all factors have been considered, a final project list is developed for slurry seal and asphalt overlay.

 Types of  Resurfacing Applications

Asphalt Overlay - A mixture of coarse rock & asphalt two inches or more in depth to provide additional load carrying capacity and a smoother ride.

 Slurry Seals - A mixture of fine rock, asphalt & water placed on the pavement about ¼-inch thick to protect the surface from sun & rain.


Line Striping and Retracing Program

Pavement markings are a very important part of the communication system for road users along our nation's highways and roads.  West Chester Roads Division participates with the County Engineer's office for the annual striping and retracing program.

For safety reasons, the main roads are relined and retraced annually, as well as those roads on the annual asphalt or slurry programs. Crosswalks and railroad tracks are retraced in-house.


Slurry Seal: Pavement Management Technique

West Chester Roads Division administers a pavement management program and utilizes various materials, including slurry seal, traditional asphalt pavement, crack seal and others, to effectively address the needs of the roadway system. Slurry seal continues to generate questions from residents. Here are a few specific facts related to slurry seal as a pavement management technique.

  • Slurry seal is a proven industry standard used to preserve roads in good condition and extend pavement life. Slurry seal provides a new wearing surface for the road and seals the pavement from deteriorating effects of water penetration and sun.
  • West Chester's roads are evaluated each year to determine condition and the best approach for maintenance and/or replacement. Roads in good condition may be selected for slurry seal application. Roads that would not benefit from slurry seal are ranked in priority for re-pavement at a later date.
  • Prior to application of slurry seal, roads are prepared using crack seal or asphalt patching. After preparation, residents may notice odd streaks of black crack seal material on the road.  The crack seal utilized by the contractor is designed to be tacky and may as a result stick to shoes when stepped upon.
  • The slurry seal coat utilized in West Chester is called "Black Mat" and is a mixture of fine black aggregate and emulsified asphalt. The mixture is applied to prepared road surfaces.
  • The slurry seal coat requires 24 to 48 hours to cure, but can be driven on within a few hours after application.
  • Slurry seal has a "kick-off" of aggregate. Streets will be swept by the Township approximately 90 days after the application.
  • Residents will be notified at least 24 hours prior to the slurry seal application on their street and will be asked to park on a neighboring street while work is being completed.
  • While West Chester ranks the condition of the roads and selects those to receive slurry, the contract is bid and administered by the Butler County Engineers Office. West Chester works closely with the County to ensure residents are notified.
  • An independent material testing laboratory will be contracted to perform testing of the slurry materials to ensure that it meets project standards.