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Community Services - Projects

The Community Services Department is responsible for overseeing all Township construction projects ensuring that they remain within budget and meet all standards for public construction.



Completed Projects

West Chester Safety Services Center Roof Recovery Project

The West Chester Safety and Services Center, located at 9577 Beckett Road, serves as home to the West Chester Police Department, Community Development, and Maintenance & Roads Division.  Butler County Area III Courts also leases space in this building. 

The facility, originally completed in 1997, is a large prefabricated metal building with approximately 186,500 square feet under roof.  The building was built originally to serve as Auto Nation and was later purchased by the Township. Several paint booths installed in the facility and attached to the steel frame of the building during its original use caused structural issues and the deflection in the structure and roof has caused numerous leaks over the years.

The West Chester Safety Services Center Roof Recovery Project encompasses structural improvements within the building,  designed to meet current code requirements and support the additional structural loads of the new roof system.  A new roof system including additional insulation will be designed and constructed over the existing roof on the facility. 

The project began in August 2011 and was completed in August 2012.  The project budget of $2.4 million and is being financed through Tax Increment Financing (TIF).   


Voice of America Museum, Phase II, Roof Replacement and Block Repair

The second phase of exterior work to restore the former Voice of America Bethany Station and the future home of The National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting was completed in early 2012. This portion of the project involved extensive demolition, completing the remaining roof replacement, new block installation and repair of existing exterior block wall and painting the exterior of the back section of the building. Some interior work, including insulation and drywall were also part of this phase of the project.

The project is being funded through a grant from the Ohio Cultural Facilities Commission.

Project Budget: $500,000


Beckett Park - Phase III

Phase III development of the 150-acre park that straddles Beckett Road was completed in summer 2012.

Boardwalks and walking paths have been constructed  around two improved lakes on the west side of the park. The boardwalk allows visitors to walk over the wetland areas connecting users to the trails in the park. Walking paths on the west side of the park are a combination of asphalt and grass trails.

The west side of the park is designed to have a natural appearance as the ponds will be surrounded by meadow grasses. It will take some time for residents to enjoy the full effect of the plantings.

The water feature also serves as an ice rink when temperatures permit and a neighboring picnic shelter with fireplace available for rent.

A Boundless Playground on the east side of the park between the Muhlhauser Barn and the West Chester Baseball Complex is open to the public andis accessible to all was constructed with support from Boundless Playgrounds, CVS Caremark and Procter & Gamble. The playground shelter is open for use, but cannot be reserved. 

Project Budget is $2 million


Voice of America Museum, Façade and Electrical Renovations

West Chester has completed some restoration of The Voice of America Bethany Station on Tylersville Road with funds provided through the State of Ohio Cultural Facilities Commission..

The building's block facade (front of the building), windows and entry doors have been completely replaced reflecting the original appearance of the building. Period lighting fixtures have also been installed making the building a focal point at all times of day or night.


A second phase of restoration is currently being considered.

The building is currently closed to visitors.

Learn more

Project Budget is $1.75 million. 


Fire Headquarters & Station 71


West Chester Fire Headquarters and Station 71 were completed in fall 2009. The new facility meets current standards for essential buildings and features areas for training.

This project also incorporated construction of the Township's new CIT building which was completed earlier in the year.

Total Project Budget is $13 million



West Chester Library

The new West Chester Library at Union Centre was opened to the public on Nov. 15, 2009.

The new library was constructed utilizing tax increment financing. Middletown Library System operates and manages the new building.