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Community Services - Roads Division 

9577 Beckett Road, Suite 900


West Chester   OH 45069


p. 513-777-8765


Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.




The West Chester Roads Division maintains about 220 miles of roadway handling everything from snow removal to sweeping to paving.

In addition, the Roads Division:
  • Repairs curbs, berms, catch basins, culverts, and potholes
  • Trims overgrown trees in right-of-ways
  • Mows right-of-way along Township streets
  • Cleans ditches

The Roads Division works closely with the Butler County Engineer's Office, the Ohio Department of Transportation and the Transportation Improvement District on projects affecting roads within West Chester.

West Chester is responsible for maintaining:

  • All dedicated streets in West Chester Township
  • School lights on Beckett Ridge, Cox Road, LeSourdsville-West Chester Road, Tylersville Road and Smith Road
  • Flashing light at Hamilton-Mason and LeSourdesville-West Chester Road
  • West Chester is NOT responsible for traffic lights in the community. 

All street lights (not traffic lights) are the responsibility of Duke Energy. To resport outages, visit the Duke Energy website or call at 513-421-9500.

Not all roads in West Chester Township are maintained by West Chester. Some roads are owned and maintained by Butler County and others by the State of Ohio.


The Ohio Department of Transportation

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is responsible for all street intersections (stop signs, right-of-way, etc.) on the following roads. For information regarding the maintenance of these roads, call 1-800-831-2142 (after business hours, ext. 315)

  • State Route 747 (call 513-863-6609 for maintenance issues)
  • Interstate 75
  • State Route 42 (Cincinnati-Columbus Road)
  • Traffic Lights on State Route 747 and State Route 42
  • Traffic Lights on Cincinnati-Dayton Road, ONLY at Interstate 75 ramps


The Butler County Engineer's Office

The Butler County Engineer's Office also maintains some roads in West Chester Township. For issues related to the following roads, call 513-867-5744.

  • Smith Road
  • Beckett Road
  • Tylersville Road
  • Port Union Road
  • Muhlhauser Road
  • Cincinnati-Dayton Road 
  • Union Centre Boulevard
  • Lakota Drive West
  • Crescentville Road (from Cincinnati-Dayton to Windisch)
  • Crescentville Road (North half from Chesterdale to State Route 4). Springdale is responsible for south half 777-6835
  • Cox Road (north of Tylersville Road to Liberty Way)
  • West Chester Road (between Cincinnati-Dayton Road and Beckett/Rialto Road)
  • Street intersections at the above locations (except at ODOT intersections)
  • Traffic lights at the above locations (except at ODOT intersections)
  • Traffic lights on Tylersville Road at Interstate 75


Other Jurisdictions

Crescentville Road (from Windisch to Chesterdale) and Fields Ertel Road are the responsibility of the City of Sharonville. They can be reached at 513-563-1177.

Butler-Warren Road - east half, just south of Tylersville Road to Barret Road is the responsibility of City of Mason (513-459-1665).

Butler-Warren Road - Fields Ertel Road to Lake Chetac is the responsibility of Warren County (513-925-1376).