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Finance and Information Technology Department

The West Chester Finance and Information Department monitors the daily financial and budgetary business of the Township, including payment of bills and vendor compliance, and oversees the Township's Information Technology needs.

The Finance and Information Tecnology Department produces the permanent appropriations and Comprehensive Annual Financial Report documentation with direction from the Township Administrator and the Board of Trustees.


As a Township, West Chester's ability to assess taxes is very limited and West Chester does not have its own taxing division. The community receives property tax revenue through Butler County, and additional funding through the state of Ohio.

What is the Township's millage rate?

The Township's millage rates are adjusted annually and are dependent upon decisions made by voters at the ballot box, assessed valuation of property by the Butler County Auditor, as well as commercial and residential market factors. For example, a police levy approved by voters funds West Chester's Police Department and a fire and EMS levy funds West Chester's Fire Department. Details of our current effective millage rates can be found at www.butlercountytreasurer.org

What is the bed tax?

The community benefits from a 3% "Bed Tax" generated by our local hotels through business and leisure travel. This "tax" is paid directly by local hotels to West Chester Township based upon booked nightly stays.

Are there other taxes West Chester receives as part of its revenue?

West Chester also receives a portion of the Motor Vehicle License Tax and the Gasoline Tax. These taxes are assessed by the State of Ohio and then are distributed to the local communities. Residents are encouraged to list West Chester Township as their community of residency when applying for motor vehicle licenses in order to ensure these revenues are directed appropriately.

Is there an income or payroll tax in West Chester?

As a Township, West Chester does not assess an income or payroll tax. Individuals working within the Township's limited Joint Economic Development District (JEDD), however, are assessed an income tax by the District. A percentage of the tax collected within the JEDD is dispersed to West Chester. The JEDD area is approximately 43 acres of property located on the northwest corner of Cincinnati-Dayton Road and Union Centre Boulevard.


Tax Increment Financing

Tax Increment Financing Districts are geographic districts established in commercial areas throughout the Township. Property owners within these districts volunteer to make "payment in lieu of taxes" -- the same amount they would have paid in property taxes on appreciated values -- to a TIF Fund. In TIF Districts created after 1994, local school districts and the township have negotiated terms to ensure each receives an appropriate share of the "payment in lieu of taxes" generated by the new development within the district.

Tax increment financing dollars can be spent on infrastructure improvements, amenities and critical services directly impacting the district from which the funds were collected. In West Chester, TIF funds have been used for various public improvements including roadway improvements in the Union Centre area, construction of the new fire headquarters and fire station 71, acquisition and renovations of the West Chester Safety Services Center/Police Department and construction of amenities such as the new library.


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