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Hydrants maintained for safety

Post Date:05/02/2017

The West Chester Fire Department will perform maintenance checks of hydrants throughout the community during the spring and summer months.

On the day hydrants are flushed, water from faucets may become cloudy or brownish. Let cold water run for 2-3 minutes at the lowest area of your home (basement laundry tub).

Cloudy or milky water is usually caused by dissolved air bubbles coming out of the water and is harmless (should clear up in a few minutes). Rusty or yellow water occurs when rust deposits are stirred up by flushing the fire hydrant. Rusty water will generally clear up in 2-3 hours after the fire hydrant is closed.

When the water is rusty, it can stain your laundry.  If possible, please avoid doing laundry on the day your street is scheduled.  If clothes do get stained, keep them moist; obtain a rust remover and follow the directions on the package. 

Questions or concerns, should be directed to the Fire Department at (513) 777-1133 between 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday, or sent through Service Requests.


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