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Finance - Joint Economic Development District

A Joint Economic Development District (JEDD) allows a township to diversify its revenue stream by partnering with a municipality to collect income tax from a geographically limited property within the community. A JEDD is designed to encourage cooperation among local communities, to enhance development opportunities, mutually benefitting the economic vitality of each area.

West Chester Township has partnered with the City of Fairfield (and the City of Springdale on a more limited basis) to create a Joint Economic Development District on approximately 43 acres at the northwest corner of Cincinnati-Dayton Road and Union Centre Boulevard.

Within the set geographic boundaries of the JEDD, an income tax is administered and collected by the District, with administration through the City of Fairfield. As a Township, West Chester has no taxing authority on its own. West Chester receives a portion of this income tax, as does Springdale and Fairfield, based upon the details of a negotiated agreement with the parties involved. A JEDD Board with representation from each of the partners oversees the JEDD.

Some frequently asked questions about the JEDD in West Chester:

Is there an income or payroll tax in West Chester?

As a Township, West Chester does not assess an income or payroll tax. Individuals working within the Township's limited Joint Economic Development District (JEDD), however, are assessed an income tax by the District. A percentage of the tax collected within the JEDD is dispersed to West Chester. The JEDD area is approximately 43 acres of property located on the northwest corner of Cincinnati-Dayton Road and Union Centre Boulevard.

 What if I work in the JEDD?

 If you work within the geographic boundaries of the JEDD, you will be assessed a 1 percent earnings tax. The tax will be charged by the City of Fairfield. http://www.fairfield-city.org/tax/jedd.cfm.

How do I obtain public documents associated with the JEDD?

The City of Fairfield maintains most records associated with tax collection/revenue/expenses of the JEDD in West Chester. As a partner in the JEDD, the City of Fairfield plays the role of administrator. To request public records associated with the JEDD, contact Mary Hopton, Fairfield finance director at 867-5313 or mhopton@fairfield-city.org. To request public records that may be in the care of West Chester Township, contact Mike Juengling at 759-7325 or mailto:mjuengling@westchesteroh.org

 How may I view West Chester's JEDD agreement in its entirety?

The JEDD contract is available to vew online. The document includes West Chester's 2025 Vision Plan and Comprehensive Land Use Plan as attachments.

A brief synopsis of the JEDD agreement is also available online.