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Police Department - Traffic Safety

The Traffic Safety Unit (TSU) handles traffic concerns brought to their attention by the public. Modern policing techniques and state-of-the-art equipment are used to address concerns relating to traffic in West Chester Township.

Through education, engineering, and enforcement, the Traffic Safety Unit aggressively pursues resolutions to all traffic-related problems in West Chester.

The TSU works closely with other agencies such as the Butler County Engineer's Office (BCEO), Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), Transportation Improvement District (TID), and the West Chester Maintenance Department, to assist with roadway improvement, maintenance, and placement of traffic control devices. The TSU also employs a civilian police technician who handles disposal of abandoned motor vehicles and executes vehicle immobilization orders from the court.

 Speeding ComplaintsSpeeding complaints are directed to the Uniform Patrol Section and officers are assigned, when available, to assist TSU by directing enforcement efforts in these areas.

In addition, the TSU attempts to evaluate speeding problems through the use of Nu-Metrics Traffic Classifier devices which measure the speed, volume, and timing of traffic on a particular roadway. This allows TSU officers to direct their enforcement efforts effectively. In addition, a portable-changeable message trailer is used to emphasize posted speed limits, road closings, or other events. The trailer is equipped with police RADAR and provides a subtle reminder that speed is being monitored and that enforcement effort can be expected in the area.



TSU uses the latest technology in laser equipment to provide pinpoint accuracy in heavy traffic patterns to enforce speed limits.

Other areas of concern include stop sign and red light violations, following too closely, and equipment violations such as illegal window tint. Illegal window tint is a safety hazard not only to police, but to the driver under certain conditions. Electronic tint meters are used to ensure compliance with Ohio law, which specifies not more than 50% tint on side and rear windows of passenger cars.


Driving Under the Influence

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI) is a serious matter. All West Chester police officers are trained and certified by the Ohio Department of Health to operate a breath testing instrument.

Officers are also trained to use the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) standardized field sobriety tests battery to increase their ability to identify and arrest DUI drivers and make roadways safer for all motorists.

Click here for a Blood Alcohol Calculator Tool.


Railroad Crossing Safety

The TSU works closely with Norfolk-Southern Railroad to promote Operation Lifesaver, a nationwide, non-profit education program dedicated to reducing collisions, injuries, and fatalities at highway-rail grade crossings.


School Bus Safety

In accordance with Ohio law, the TSU investigates complaints from school bus drivers of motorists who pass school busses when they are stopped to pick up or discharge children. Bus drivers document the license plate number of the offender, which becomes the basis for issuance of a citation. The safety of our children is paramount, so please take that extra moment to stop for school busses.


Crash Scene Investigation

TSU officers have advanced training in traffic crash investigation and reconstruction and are part of an emergency response Accident Reconstruction Team.

At a crash scene, the team assists uniform officers in gathering evidence, photos, and detailed measurements using a Sokkia Total Station forensic mapping device. This data is then downloaded to a computer-aided design (CAD) program to provide accurate scale drawings of the crash scene. Vehicle motion dynamics, occupant kinematics, crush analysis, and principle direction of force are just some of the factors used to reconstruct a crash and reach conclusions as to the cause.