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Social Media


Social media networks like facebook, twitter and youtube have become accepted and popular venues for sharing information. They are used to build community and engage new audiences. West Chester's primary communication objective is transparency and sharing information consistently through as many venues as possible in order to reach as many people as possible.

The primary source for Township information is the website - www.WestChesterOH.org -- but information generated by West Chester Township can also be found on social media sites - facebook, twitter and youtube.

Click here for our social media guidelines


To find West Chester on facebook, sign into your personal facebook account, and click on the icon found on any page of our website. Our West Chester page is titled: West Chester Township.

Facebook is a great way to see quick updates on things happening in the community and to see plenty of photos from community events.


Some videos produced by West Chester Community Television can be found on youtube. Most of these same videos are also viewable from this website.


Follow West Chester on twitter to receive quick updates from your community. Reminders about community events, road closures and more will be posted to West Chester's twitter feed.

Click on the twitter icon to become a West Chester Township follower. The township's page is titled: westchestertwp