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West Chester University

West Chester University is a series of informative programs offered to encourage better communication between West Chester Township government and the residents and businesses of the community. Programs are offered on a variety of topics through the year.

Some ongoing West Chester University programs include:


CPR and First Aid instruction:

(some fees for materials)

The West Chester Fire Department offers a variety of training programs every month for individuals and businesses in the area of CPR and First Aid. Some programs result in required certifications and others are basic programs to make participants better prepared to handle an emergency situation. 

For a complete list of classes. To register, call 777-1133 or visit the West Chester Fire Department Organization website.


Citizen Police Academy

(no charge)

The West Chester Police Department offers two sessions of Citizen Police Academy each year, providing citizens and business owners an opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of police operations.  Participants in the 10-week program must be at least 21 years old. Advance registration is required and class size is limited.

For more information & application

To watch an informational video about the program


Wildlife Management: Coyotes

(no charge)

7 p.m., March 26 at Township Hall

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources will provide a wildlife expert to educate the community about wildlife, available options and ways to protect your family, pets and loved ones. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources encourage homeowners to consider carefully how actions taken influence the presence of unwanted wildlife and take steps to reduce the risk of inviting unwanted wildlife.



(no charge)

6 to 8 p.m., April 3 

In an effort to help individuals feel confident and prepared in potentially dangerous situations, the West Chester Police Department offers a free self-defense class.Participants should dress comfortably in order to fully join in the class.

For more information and to sign-up for the self-defense classes, contact Officer Michelle Berling at 513-759-3985 or email mlberling@westchesteroh.org.