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West Chester eNewsletter - August 2014


The USA Triathlon Junior and Youth National Championship will be in West Chester the weekend of August 2 & 3. All levels of youth triathletes from beginners to the nation's top rising multisport stars will be participating in the two day event at the Voice of America Park.

As many as 800 triathletes from all across the USA will take part with many of them in the developmental pipeline to become future Olympians. Over the past two years, USA Youth Triathlon has generated approximately $1.4 million in the local economy through hotel stays and dining at local restaurants.

Some road closures will be necessary on Cox Road and Liberty Way area to accommodate the course and protect the athletes.

VOA Park Drive at Cox Road will be closed starting Friday, Aug. 1 and through noon Sunday, Aug. 3 with access maintained to the Miami University VOA Learning Center only.  Access to the Voice of America Metro Park will be allowed through the Metro Park entrance located on Butler Warren Road between Tylersville Road and Liberty Way. 

Saturday, August 2nd, 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.:  

1)      Liberty Way between Cox Road and Butler Warren Road will be closed.

2)      Cox Road between Liberty Way and University Drive will be closed. 

Sunday, August 3rd, 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.:

1)      Liberty Way between Cox Road and Butler Warren Road will be closed.

2)      Cox Road between Liberty Way and University Drive will be closed. 

Those visiting Cox Road businesses, including the VOA Retail Center, must access the businesses from Tylersville Road during the closures. The retail center entrance from Cox Road will be open, but accessible only from Tylersville. Businesses on Service Center Drive will be accessible from Liberty Way only.

While no races will take place on Friday, Aug. 1, motorists should be especially alert to cyclists on Tylersville Road and Liberty Way roads as athletes prepare for the events.

West Chester's central location, diverse economy and quality amenities have captured the attention of the travelling public and event planners adding benefit the local economy. West Chester's hotels, restaurants, retail and entertainment venues all realize some benefit from tourism whether motivated by summer events, business or participation in regional athletic tournaments.



Butler County Recycling and Solid Waste District's residential Special Collection Programs are well under way for 2014. Programs include: Freon Appliance Curbside Collection Program and Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off.

Through October, residents can call 1-888-886-9268 to schedule pick-up of an unwanted appliance through the Freon Appliance Curbside Collection Program. Items include: refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers and air conditioners.

Every Thursday through October, Butler County Environmental Enterprises at 10163 Cincinnati Dayton Road in West Chester is open as the location for household hazardous waste drop-off from 2 - 7 p.m.  Accepted items include: oil-based paint, antifreeze, gasoline, pesticides, cleaners, solvents, fire extinguishers, propane tanks, batteries, mercury thermometers, fluorescent bulbs, driveway sealer, thermostats and lawn and pool chemicals.

Both programs are free for Butler County residents.

Please note a few other changes to the programs:

Butler County will not be hosting an electronics disposal program. There are now outlets available year round that will take back these items free of charge. Please visit www.butlercountyrecycles.org for locations.

Latex paint will no longer be accepted at the Butler County Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program. Latex paint includes water-based, acrylic, or emulsion paint. These paints can be disposed of in your household trash as long as each can has been solidified first. Liquid paints can spill during collection causing paint to leak into trucks and onto roadways producing cleanup challenges.

Latex paint must be dried up before placing paint cans with your regular trash. To dry latex paint, allow paint to dry in cans by removing lid and allowing liquids to evaporate. This can take several days. If more than one-third full, pour some into a similar container like an ice cream bucket or coffee can. Mixing in an equal amount of an absorbent material (cat litter, sawdust or sand) can help the paint dry more quickly. Once dry, leave lid off the can so waste collector can see paint is hardened. Please be sure that your paint is completely solidified. Four paint cans may be placed for collection at one time.

Unopened cans of latex paint can also be donated to religious groups (Call Matthew 25 Ministries to donate paint at 793-6256), community groups, and theater groups; especially white and neutral color paints.

For more information, visit www.butlercountyrecycles.org



The West Chester Police Department Explorers program offers young men and women an opportunity to participate in training and work side-by-side with officers as they consider a future in law enforcement.

The West Chester Police Explorers recently competed in the Southwest Ohio Regional District Law Enforcement Explorer Competition with 16 other agencies, winning third place in the "Burglary in Progress" category.

The contest involved various scenarios with Explorers given a mission to accomplish. In the "Burglary in Progress" scenario, Explorers had to enter a building where a burglary was reported and tactically search as a team for those suspects involved and place them under arrest.

"Our Explorers are a valuable asset when it comes to community events," said Lt. Barry Walker, an advisor of the program. "We strive to give them the best training and experience possible and they pitch in and help us when needed."

"Explorers has taught me a lot about leadership and team work and also how to interact with others under different situations," said Josh Massel, captain of the West Chester Post. "At a young age, Explorers helped me learn about my career path and meet so many great people in the police department. It's been an extremely valuable experience."

The Explorers program is offered as part of the Dan Beard Council of Boy Scouts of America.

Members of the West Chester Police Explorers Post who participated in the contest are: Captain Josh Massel, Sergeant Brian Frederickson, Officer Emily Gee, Officer Tommy Kramer, Officer Bradon Lovejoy, Officer Jenna Peddicord, Officer Rachel Peddicord, and Officer Connor Mullen.

Advisors to the program are West Chester Police Lt. Barry Walker and West Chester Police Officer Jeff Newman.

For more information on becoming a West Chester Police Explorer, please contact the Police Department at 513-777-2231.


Fire fatalities on college campuses are often the result of student apathy to the risk or threat of fire along with the use or misuse of alcohol, cooking appliances, electrical circuits, extension cords, candles, and cigarettes in campus housing. Educating parents and students about fire prevention and pre-planning evacuation of campus housings is critical to surviving a fire emergency on campus.  

Since the 2000 academic year, 86 percent of the campus-related fire fatalities nationwide have occurred in off-campus housing where approximately two-thirds of students live. There are five common factors in a number of these fires:

  • Lack of automatic fire sprinklers
  • Missing or disabled smoke alarms
  • Careless disposal of smoking materials
  • Impaired judgment from alcohol consumption
  • Upholstered furniture fires on decks and porches

As students prepare for university living, a few safety questions should be answered before moving into a campus dormitory or signing a lease for an apartment near campus.

Are working smoke alarms installed? (Are all alarms interconnected to sound if smoke is detected?)

  1. Are there at least two ways to exit the bedroom and the building?
  2. Do the upper floors of the building have at least two interior stairs, or a fire escape?
  3. Is a sprinkler system installed and maintained?
  4. Are the existing electrical outlets adequate for all of the appliances, computers, printers, and electronics that you are bringing – without the need for extensions cords?
  5. Are there EXIT signs in the building hallways to indicate accessible escape routes?
  6. Does the building have a fire alarm system installed and maintained?
  7. Has the building's heating system been inspected within the last year?
  8. Is the building address clearly posted to allow emergency services to find it quickly during an emergency?
  9. Does the sprinkler system or fire alarm system send a signal to the local fire department and/or campus security?

For more information on dormitory and campus housing fire safety, contact the West Chester Fire Department at 513-777-1133.



Local students return to classes later this month and motorists are advised to be cautious and aware of school zone speed limits, school bus stops and students walking or riding their bikes to school. Drivers play a vital role in making our roads safe for our children.

According to a 2013 report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the leading cause of death of children under the age of 14 is pedestrian children involved in traffic crashes. Most of these incidents take place during the hours of 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. when children are returning home from school. 

Motorists travelling in either direction are required to stop when a school bus stops with lights flashing and/or safety mast is down. Do not resume travel until the school bus turns off its flashing lights, lifts the safety mast and continues its travel.

It is important that even when the school bus leaves its stop, motorists use caution, as adults or siblings waiting with younger children at a bus stop may also need to cross the street.

When school is in session, school zone speed limits are strictly enforced. In school zones, the speed limit is 20 mph during restricted times. Lights are typically flashing to indicate the reduced speed limit is in effect.

For more information on school safety, contact the West Chester Police Department at 513-759-3985.


click link below for

August Calendar of Events & Meetings


The search for a West Chester Chief of Police has been narrowed to 14 candidates from the 24 applicants who expressed interest in leading the nearly 100-member department.

The chief of police position became vacant in early May when Mr. Erik Niehaus resigned to accept a position as an attorney and named partner in a local law firm. Assistant Chief Dave Kelly, a 26-year veteran of the West Chester Police Department, has stepped in as acting Chief. Kelly will return to his role of Assistant Chief of Police when a new Chief is appointed.

The field of 24 applicants was narrowed based upon qualifications and experience, said Township Administrator Judi Boyko. The Township is focused on finding a candidate who has community policing, command and operational (budgeting, personnel, etc.) experience, but also demonstrates a broader skill set.

"The Township seeks an individual with the required law enforcement experience in all areas of operations. Equally important is the candidate's ability to execute and implement strategies within the broader township organization and to successfully and effectively promote and practice core values consistent with township-wide goals," Mrs. Boyko said.

Community stakeholders will be engaged to participate in the review of the applicants, according to Township Administrator Judi Boyko.

While the application period has officially passed, West Chester will continue to accept applications until the Chief of Police position is filled.

The list of candidates will be further narrowed by early fall. It is anticipated that a recommended candidate will be identified and brought before the Board of Trustees by late November.

Candidates still under consideration for the post are: Michael E. Anderson, Alexander P. Bebris, Michael A. Bennett, Lynda E. Carter, Joel M. Herzog, Jason J. Lyons, Michael B. McNeely, Roy E. Melnick, J.D., John R. Powell, James P. Roberto, Stewart A. Steele, Chris L. Williams, James D. Willock Jr., and James D. Wilmeth.



The Arts Council of West Chester and Liberty in conjunction with West Chester Township will bring the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company to Keehner Park for a professional theatrical performance of William Shakespeare's "MacBeth" at the Keehner Park Amphitheatre, 7211 Barret Road.

"MacBeth" will be performed on Friday, August 15 beginning promptly at 7:00 p.m. The Arts Council will offer activities beginning at 6:00 p.m. including a craft for children and concession sales. The Arts Council of West Chester and Liberty is a non-profit organizations working to promote the arts in the communities of West Chester and Liberty.

Required summer reading for many Lakota students includes a classic play by Shakespeare; this performance will help put the complex Elizabethan language in context, but will not serve as a replacement to reading the play.

"The Arts Council is delighted to bring Shakespeare to Keehner Park," said Pattie Byron, president of The Arts Council of West Chester and Liberty. "We hope people of all ages come out to experience the performance."


The Union Centre Boulevard Merchant Association is hosting the second annual Union Center Food Truck Rally. The event will be held on Friday, August 8th from 11:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and will feature approximately 20 gourmet food trucks on The Square @ Union Centre and Centre Pointe Drive.

In addition to the food trucks, the event will include beer sales and live music. During the lunchtime, 12:30 to 2:30 p.m., audiences will enjoy performances by acoustical guitarist Chuck Evans. DV8 will headline the evening's activities from 7 to 10 p.m., and 3 Day Rule will perform from 5 to 7 p.m.

In 2013, the Food Truck Rally served approximately 5000 dinners during the 12 hour event. A portion of the proceeds from this year's event will benefit the Boys and Girls Club of West Chester/Liberty.