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Trustees adopt wage scale adjustments

Post Date:12/22/2017 8:51 AM

After seven years without review, the West Chester Township Board of Trustees this week approved adjustment to wage ranges affecting 59 non-contract employees.  

The Board of Trustees contracted with Clemans Nelson Consultants to complete a study of the Township’s compensation and employee benefit program. The results of that study were provided in August and after careful consideration, Trustees voted to approve new pay scale changes and position adjustments in order to help retain talent and stay competitive with comparable public and private entities.

“A great deal of time was given to consideration of the Clemans Nelson study and a hybrid of the recommendations was developed in order to remain good stewards of taxpayer dollars and remain a competitive employer attracting quality candidates for available positions and retaining exceptional employees already at work for the community,” said Larry Fronk, interim Township Administrator.

Of the Township’s 260 full-time employees, this study considered only 59 employee positions that are not represented by collective bargaining units.

While the study revealed some wage ranges that should be raised based upon market comparables, there were only eight cases where individual employees were being paid less than the new minimum identified in the study.

Findings prompted hourly wage increases, ranging from $0.56 to $3.86, for just the eight impacted full-time employees whose pay was below the new minimum of the range for their position. Positions affected include: community development director; township planner; public relations coordinator; project coordinator; property advisor; integrated multi-media production specialist (encompasses two positions); and secretary.

No other employees received pay increases; however, the study found that wage scales and job descriptions were in need of adjustment for some exempt and non-exempt positions.

Also as a result of the study, the Board of Trustees acted to set wage caps for the position of police captain at 2.5% greater than contractual wages for the position of police captain; and a wage cap for the position of assistant police chief at 2.5% greater than police captain. This action addressed wage compression issues impacting supervisors and those they directed.

The total cost of actions taken by the Board of Trustees is $51,000 annually. The Township’s annual total payroll is $18.5 million.

Fronk made a recommendation for Trustees to review wage rates every three years, at a minimum, in order to adjust for inflation and market changes.

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