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Recycling reminders for spring cleaning

Post Date:03/20/2018 3:10 PM

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to do some serious recycling! West Chester residents are encouraged to take advantage of the community’s three public recycling centers.

What to recycle and where

Items such as paper, plastic, glass and cardboard can be recycled free-of-charge at any of three convenient recycling bin locations:

  • Beckett Park, 8650 Beckett Road. Bins are located past the Muhlhauser Barn in Beckett Park (follow signs). NOTE: The recycling bins are not accessible from the Union Centre Boulevard entrance to the park.
  • Keehner Park Tennis Court area, 7211 Barret Road.
  • The West Chester Activity Center, 7900 Cox Road.

recycling-web_1712Recycling done right

Recycling is excellent for our environment, but it is only effective if done properly. When utilizing West Chester’s recycling centers, please keep recycling etiquette in mind:

  • No dumping; only items listed (cardboard, paper, plastic, etc.) will be accepted. Dumping non-recyclable materials and other trash is illegal. If caught, offenders could face a fine or worse.
  • Break down boxes before placing them into bins in order to save space.
  • If bins are full, please come back another day. Bins are emptied every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Never leave recyclable materials outside of bins – technically, this is littering. These items have a tendency to blow away and may impede Rumpke drivers’ ability to empty bins.

Re-purpose and re-use

One person’s trash is sometimes another person’s treasure.

Before you pitch out items that are not accepted at West Chester recycling centers, think about donating. Clothing, housewares, appliances and other materials in good condition are often gratefully accepted by groups like Reach Out Lakota, Goodwill, The Salvation Army, and similar organizations.

How else can I recycle?

The Butler County, Ohio Recycling and Solid Waste District is a great resource! For information about residential recycling, business programs, special collections, and how to recycle specific items, please visit

Efforts to re-purpose, re-use and recycle unwanted items helps reduce the impact on our landfills and reduce the demand on limited resources.

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