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How to report potholes in West Chester

Post Date:02/25/2019 12:30 PM

Help locate and identify potholes in need of attention! 

The West Chester Roads Division, part of the Community Services Department, has already begun repairing potholes on roads maintained by the Township. Crews this time of year use what's known as a "cold patch" product to fill potholes temporarily until the weather allows for a more permanent fix.

potholes_1904“The cold wet conditions have contributed to the higher than normal number of potholes,” Roads & Maintenance Superintendent Jim Rigsby said. “When temperatures fluctuate between freeze and thaw, and that pattern repeats, the result is more potholes or potholes that resurface shortly after being repaired.”

Potholes, potholes everywhere

Potholes are created by the expansion and contraction of ground water hidden below paved surfaces. As water freezes, it expands and pushes up against the pavement from underneath. When the frozen ground water thaws, pockets of water under pavement become larger. This, combined with the wear-and-tear of motor vehicle traffic, causes the top layers of asphalt to become brittle and break apart.

The weather not only contributes to the creation of potholes, but it also makes repairs more challenging. “For repairs to be effective, it is better to make repairs in dry conditions when temperatures are above freezing depending on the size and depth of the pothole,” Rigsby said. 

Let us know

Township crews are out proactively identifying potholes for repair. If you encounter potholes or other maintenance issues across West Chester's 222 miles of roads, please speak up! Your help in identifying opportunities to make repairs, before they become bigger issues, is greatly appreciated. 

Potholes on a West Chester road may be reported – and re-reported, as necessary – online using Service Requests. The Roads Division will make every effort to repair potholes in a timely fashion, weather permitting.


Submit reports online:

Understand that not all streets in West Chester are maintained by the West Chester Roads Division. Maintenance of the West Chester road system is collaborative effort involving state and local agencies including the Butler County Engineer’s Office (BCEO) and the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT). If you’re unsure which agency is responsible for making a repair, visit or call (513) 777-8765.  

If you report a pothole using Service Requests that is NOT on a West Chester street, the Township will pass the information along to the appropriate agency, but keep in mind that the repair will be the responsibility of that agency.

NOTE: The Township is not responsible for the repair of potholes on private property nor interstate highways.

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