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Residents spoke up and West Chester thanks you

Post Date:11/18/2019 4:00 PM

The results of a citizen survey conducted by the National Research Center, Inc. are in; and the community is encouraged to view the detailed findings for themselves.

The higher level view of survey respondents shows that 95% of respondents find the overall quality of life in West Chester to be either good or excellent; 96% of respondents rate West Chester as a good or excellent place to live; 83% call the overall quality of township services good or excellent; and 71% rate the sense of community as good or excellent.

“We’re humbled by the responses to the survey and thank those who participated,” said Township Administrator Larry D. Burks. “As community servants we are energized by the outcomes of the survey and will be guided by the results as we consider areas for improvement.”

VIEW SURVEY SUMMARY (full reports linked below) >>

Survey respondents ranked safety, economy and mobility as the most important focus areas for the community; and expressed greatest support for investment in public infrastructure (roads, curbs and gutters, storm drainage, etc.).

Pumpkinfest-48_webAreas ranked better than national benchmarks are: overall image, places to raise children, overall appearance, overall direction, treating all residents fairly and those recommending West Chester Township to others.

Our surveyed residents rated the township less positively (less than 50% positive response) in questions related to walking and cycling amenities.

In questions related to citizen participation in local government responses were lower than the national benchmarks.

This survey is just a first step in the Township doing more to gather input from stakeholders. Online surveys, pop-up town halls and other digital town halls will all be a part of launching a new Vision Committee in 2020.

The National Community Survey was conducted through mail and is considered statistically valid. A secondary online survey was also conducted and is reported separately as the results cannot be verified as valid.

The survey was funded, in part, through a grant from West Chester’s partners at the Duke Energy Foundation.

The full report including responses to individual questions can be found at the links below.

NCS Survey Results

Click each link for complete NCS survey results:

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