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West Chester TV

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Community Access Television

West Chester Television is a resource made available to the community through cable franchise fees. Local cable companies are required by law to pay a fee (per subscriber) to the local government in return for use of the public right-of-way.

West Chester Township assigns these funds to the purpose of furthering the goals of transparency and accountability. These funds primarily allow for the video recording of official Township meetings and also for public awareness videos designed to educate the public on a variety of topics, but most critically public safety.

Watch Online

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When availability allows, and specific criteria are met, West Chester TV crews may also record Lakota athletics, music programs and other community events. For more information, contact Barbara Wilson, Director, Public Information and Engagement, for West Chester Township.

Most West Chester TV programming is available on, YouTube and Vimeo.

Some public programming is only available on West Chester's public access channels provided free of charge to West Chester by Spectrum exclusively. 

  • For viewers who have a converter box: channel 4 spotlights community programming; channel 15 features school programming; and government programming can be found on channel 24.
    • If a television is equipped with a QAM tuner (most sets built after  2008): community programming can be found on channel 5.11; school programming on channel 5.13; and government programming on channel 5.12

    If viewing television on equipment that is not digital or connected to a cable box, a digital adapter device will be required to view the public access channels. Contact Spectrum at (855) 286-1736 for further information.

    At this time, public access programming is not available through Cincinnati Bell or satellite dish television services.

    West Chester Community Television programming is available for purchase on a DVD. There is a $20 charge for most programming. DVD copies of official meetings may be made available at no cost.

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