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More than 3,500 companies choose to be a part of West Chester’s diverse local economy. More than 70 percent of the businesses are in the category of Professional Services accounting for nearly 88 percent occupancy of Class A office space and 97 percent occupancy of medical office space.

But there is more, West Chester’s targeted industry sectors fuel a sustainable business model for community and allow for continued investment in amenities that matter most to business.

Free technical assistance is available to relocating and expanding companies. West Chester’s professional economic development team can be reached at (513) 777-4214.

Targeted Industries

Life Sciences - A rapidly emerging and diverse industry that encompasses pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, testing laboratories, medical labs and diagnostic imaging, chemical manufacturing, etc. Life sciences companies cluster together to symbiotically benefit from a shared workforce, advances in technology and new scientific discoveries.

Information Technology – One of the fastest growing industries in the economy, IT benefits from West Chester’s strategic location and access to extensive fiber optic networks, capitalizing on record business growth and leveraging the community’s location to reach customers in the Cincinnati and Dayton metros.

Advanced Manufacturing – West Chester’s manufacturing environment has evolved to become a more advanced industry with operations in research and development, engineering, aerospace and high-tech manufacturing. West Chester’s accessibility to transportation infrastructure and proximity to 54 percent of the nation’s population and 61 percent of all U.S. and Canadian manufacturing location has made it a prime location for manufacturing.

Corporate Headquarters and Class A Office – Corporate executives appreciate West Chester’s accessibility and amenities including a first-class public school system, quality affordable housing, restaurants, retail and hotels. Driving the establishment of corporate offices in industries like consumer marketing is the significant number of Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 company headquarters including AK Steel in West Chester.

Healthcare – Healthcare has been a growing sector of the West Chester economy since UC Physicians invested $100 million to construct a medical campus and the region’s first new hospital in 25 years creating a full-service medical campus. These expansive developments and the area's dense population have contributed to ancillary health care offices further defining West Chester as a regional focal point for medical and health care services.

Consumer Marketing - The Cincinnati area has the largest concentration of advanced brand design consultancies in the world. Driving the establishment of this industry is the significant presence of Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 company headquarters in the region.