West Chester personnel continuously monitor road conditions and weather forecasts during the winter months. When necessary, crews can be called upon 24 hours a day, seven days a week to plow and salt roads; and to monitor power outages and other concerns to protect the interests of West Chester residents and corporate citizens. Police, Fire, Roads and administrative personnel work together to provide the highest level of service possible.

Snow removal in West Chester is a job shared by three different agencies: The Ohio Department of Transportation, Butler County Engineer's Office and West Chester Township Community Services, roads division.

The State of Ohio is responsible for: the interstate, State Route 747 and U.S. Route 42.

Butler County is responsible for: Tylersville Road, Cincinnati-Dayton Road, Lakota Drive West, Muhlhauser Road, West Chester Road, Smith Road, Beckett Road, Port Union Road, Union Centre Boulevard; and portions of Crescentville Road, Cox Road - north of Tylersville, and Hamilton-Mason, west of State Route 747.

The West Chester Community Services, roads division, is responsible for approximately 220 miles of remaining roads within the Township that are designated as public roads. There are some private roads within the Township that are not maintained by the public roads division.

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Snow Removal Techniques

West Chester utilizes a variety of snow removal/road treatment techniques depending upon the conditions. These techniques include: pre-treatment with brine, salt and plowing as needed.

Salt is often put down on the roads early in a snowfall cycle and then given time to work before plows are sent through to clear remaining snow from the roads. Salt is typically dispensed from the plow truck as it clears the road.

The Township is divided into snow routes and a truck is assigned to each route.

  • Salting one route takes approximately three to four hours.
  • Plowing one route takes approximately six to seven hours.

Higher traffic volume breaks up the snow and ice, consequently heavily traveled roads tend to show more effects of the salting than roads less traveled. If snow continues to accumulate after salting, streets are plowed as needed.report a concern-01

Order of Plowing

When snow strikes, the roads are salted and plowed according to their classification with special consideration given to known areas of concern.

Main roads are given top priority - Hamilton-Mason, LeSourdesville West Chester, McCauley, Dimmick and Beckett Ridge Boulevard.

Next, collector streets, or those that are crucial in getting the traffic flow from subdivision streets, such as Eagle Ridge, Windwood, Kennesaw, etc.

Subdivision streets are treated next, and then cul-de-sacs.

West Chester has more than 600 cul-de-sacs to plow. Because of their size and configuration of driveways and mailboxes, cul-de-sacs require more time and attention to plow. To expedite plowing, private contractors with smaller trucks may be called in to plow cul-de-sacs.

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