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West Chester residents and families enjoy hundreds of acres of beautiful park property. Keeping these parks safe and well maintained requires involvement from all of those who enjoy them.

The Park Watch/Friends of West Chester Parks is a volunteer, civilian program with no meetings.

Anyone who spends time in and enjoys West Chester parks can play a role just by being extra eyes and years in the parks - Keehner, Beckett, The Square, the Port Union Canal Bike Path.

Those with special interest in preserving our parks and those who spend a lot of time in the park may choose to be an active member by contacting West Chester Park Watch. Those who volunteer for the Park Watch program will be kept current with park issues and events, may be asked to help at park events and will receive a Friends of West Chester Parks t-shirt.

Park Watch Program

The Park Watch volunteer mantra is "See Something, Say Something".

Park Watch volunteers SHOULD NOT approach, confront chase or stop anyone they suspect of committing a crime or engaging in suspicious activity in a park facility. 

Park Watch volunteers SHOULD report what they see with regard to maintenance issues, damage or suspicious activity.

What to Report

Please let West Chester know if your witness suspicious activity, damage or maintenance issues in the parks.

If observing possible criminal activity in progress...

  • Make sure you are safe. Observe as inconspicuously as possible
  • Remain calm and call 9-1-1 (for crimes in progress)
  • Tell the dispatcher what is happening or what has happened
  • Let them know the location of the crime. Be as specific as possible
  • Report as many facts as possible
    • Suspect description – gender, race, hair color, facial hair, age, weight, height, jewelry, tattoos, unique qualities, escape method and route
    • Vehicle description – license number and state, make, model, color, and type (2-door, 4-door, sedan, van, truck)

    ** 9-1-1 Dispatchers prioritize calls from the public to ensure quick response to those in the most immediate danger. Response times to calls will be dependent upon other calls and the severity of the circumstances.

  • DO NOT approach suspect or try to stop them if they leave before police arrive
  • DO get the best description possible and wait to speak with police

If observing criminal damage - graffiti, illegal dumping, deliberately damaged shelters, etc...

  • Call the police non-emergency number – 777-2231
  • Provide information about what you see and the specific location
  • Report as many facts as possible