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Police Department Contacts

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.Non-Emergency Police NumberPolice Department(513) 777-2231
Beiser, MattLt., Community AffairsPolice Department(513) 759-7259
Berling, MichelleIntelligence AnalystPolice Department(513) 759-3072
Gutman, JoePatrol Bureau CommanderPolice Department(513) 759-7251
Haering, PaulLt., Integrity and DevelopmentPolice Department(513) 759-7284
Herzog, JoelChief of PolicePolice Department(513) 759-7250
Kleinfeldt, JohnRoad Patrol LieutenantPolice Department(513) 759-3972
Lovell, CourtneyAdministration Bureau CommanderPolice Department(513) 759-7258
Lovell, PaulSgt. Community Affairs/School ResourcePolice Department(513) 759-3977
McCalla, MikeSgt. Community Affairs/Traffic SafetyPolice Department(513) 759-7285
Oakes, SteveOff-Duty Detail CoordinatorPolice Department(513) 759-7260
Quinn, MichaelRoad Patrol LieutenantPolice Department(513) 759-3971
Rebholz, Brian Assistant Chief of PolicePolice Department(513) 759-7250
Records DivisionPolice Department(513) 759-7261
School Resource OfficePolice Department(513) 759-3970
Tivin, DaveLt., Criminal InvestigationsPolice Department(513) 759-7276
Whitton, ChrisRoad Patrol LieutenantPolice Department(513) 759-3973