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West Chester Elected Officials

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 Trustee Ann Becker


 Trustee Mark S. Welch Trustee Lee Wong Fiscal Officer Bruce Jones

Term in Office:

1/1/2020 - 12/31/2023

Term in Office:

1/1/2018 - 12/31/2021

Term in Office:

1/1/2018 - 12/31/2021

Term in Office:

4/1/2020 - 3/31/2024


Board of Trustees

The West Chester Township Board of Trustees meets at 6 p.m. on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at Township Hall, 9113 Cincinnati-Dayton Road. Meeting dates are typically adjusted in November and December due to the holidays. Please consult the calendar.

Public comments, as codified in RESOLUTION 01-2018, are accepted at the beginning and the end of each meeting. Comments are to be directed to the Board of Trustees and not to the audience. The Trustees may respond to comments and questions raised by citizens during the Discussion Items & Elected Officials Comments portion of the meeting.  The Board of Trustees will not engage in open dialogue with members of the audience or those offering comment during the meeting.

West Chester Township voters elect three members who serve on the Board of Trustees. They make decisions and set priorities with regard to West Chester Township. Trustees are elected to four-year terms. The elected Township Fiscal Officer is responsible for recording the proceedings of the Board of Trustees meetings and provides oversight of the fiscal matters of the Township.

Note: When sending email, please understand that responses are upon the discretion and availability of the recipient. These messages are not private or confidential and may be handled by an appropriate staff member. ALL email messages are subject to public disclosure and may become part of the public record.

Mark S. Welch, Trustee

Mr. Welch may be contacted by email at or by voicemail at (513) 759-7205.

Mark S. Welch was elected to the West Chester Board of Trustees in 2013.

Mark has been a resident of West Chester Township since 1990, living in the same house in Beckett Ridge. He's married to the love of his life, Karen and has two grown children and three grandchildren.

Mark owns and operates two businesses in West Chester, SoZo HAIR by Bajon Salon & Spa and SoZo Products LLC.  SoZo HAIR is located at the southern gateway of Olde West Chester in a historic building that Mark purchased and refurbished.

Prior to being self employed, Mark spent 23 years in corporate America selling and managing for companies that made various high tech equipment and instrumentation for pharmaceutical, fine chemical and specialty chemical companies. 

Mark received a Congressional Appointment to the United States Naval Academy where he studied Mechanical Engineering and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati.

Mark is active in the community and has been involved in many fundraising efforts. He and his wife Karen both shaved their heads at a St. Baldrick's Kids Cancer Research fundraiser they hosted at their salon on three separate occasions.

Ann Becker, Chair

Ms. Becker may be contacted by email at or you may reach her by voicemail at (513) 759-7203.

Mrs. Becker was elected on Nov. 7, 2017, to fill an unexpired term on the West Chester Board of Trustees.

She is a 19-year resident of West Chester Township raising three children in the community with her husband Lee. She is an active community volunteer serving with Girl Scouts, St. Maximilian Kolbe Parish, and playing clarinet in the University of Cincinnati Summer Community Band.

Mrs. Becker is a weekly guest on the 55KRC morning show with Brian Thomas and has been active in the state and county Republican Party, having served as State Central Committee Woman for the 4th District.

Mrs. Becker believes local government is the most important form of representation because it is the government closest to our homes and most impactful in our lives. She is committed to ensuring West Chester Township’s budget is spent in the best interest of residents and businesses, focused on ensuring roads are kept in great condition, and police and fire departments are prepared for any emergency.

Mrs. Becker is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a master’s degree in education and a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Lee Wong, Vice Chair

Mr. Wong may be contacted by email at or you may reach him by voicemail at (513) 759-7204.

Lee Wong was elected to the Board of Trustees in November 2005, taking office for his first term in January 2006.

He has a Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Cincinnati and is now retired from the United States Army after 20 years of active duty service having served as a Special Agent for the Criminal Investigation Division.

West Chester Township has been recognized six times in the Top 100 Best Places to Live by CNN/Money Magazine, five times since Mr. Wong took office. He assigns small government as a significant contribution to our success, keeping the community "lean and mean" with relatively low community taxes.  Mr. Wong is for little bureaucracy with limited regulations, and a more personal relationship between local government and the community. 

Due to the fiscal responsibility of the current Board of Trustees, West Chester Township acquired the highest bond rating in Butler County's history, granted by Moody's of New York. This rating results in lower interest rates on the money  West Chester must borrow to achieve its goals.

Mr. Wong's priorities as a Trustee include: First, public safety, security, roads and walking/biking trails. He wants to attract businesses to the area and have residents enjoy a greater quality of life.  Mr. Wong places significant value on creating a local government that embraces all residents and corporate citizens, and in providing services that allow our citizens to prosper and opportunities to enhance and enjoy their lives. Mr. Wong believes West Chester is a great place to live because of the diversity of its population, making this a vibrant and exciting place to live and work.

Bruce Jones, Fiscal Officer

Mr. Jones may be contacted by email at or by calling his office at (513) 759-7225.

Bruce Jones was elected Fiscal Officer in 2012 and was re-elected in 2015, focused on accountability, transparency & integrity. 

Mr. Jones earned his reputation for strict, conservative oversight of taxpayer dollars when he led a successful citizens' petition drive to get a proposed $34 million rec center on the ballot, subsequently defeated by the citizens of West Chester by a 2 to 1 margin.  Having then made higher priorities possible, the proposed funds and location were used for construction of a new, substantially larger public library – championed by Mr. Jones - consistent with the education values of the community.  Furthermore, compared to the previously proposed project, there was a net savings of $21 million!

Mr. Jones has deep roots in West Chester dating back over a half century.  He grew up in West Chester (formerly known as Union Township) and attended Union Elementary, the son of Elizabeth and Charles Jones, a former state representative and senator for West Chester and surrounding counties.  From a family of seven, Mr. Jones' oldest sister, Carolyn, was a member of the last graduating class of Union Township High School and his oldest brother, Charlie, graduated the following year president of the first graduating class of the new Lakota High School.  After graduating from Miami University, Mr. Jones stayed in Butler County developing a balanced working career in both the private and public sectors. He and his wife, Patty, returned to West Chester in 1997 to continue raising their two daughters, Devyn and Lauren, both Lakota West and Miami University graduates.  

Mr. Jones has been involved in numerous civic and community organizations, but most cherishes his role as your Fiscal Officer and public servant.