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  • What is a lighting district?
  • Is every street light in West Chester assessed this way?
  • What amendments are being considered as part of the May 22, 2018 action?
  • What is the action being taken by West Chester Township on May 22, 2018?
  • What about the cost of infrastructure and poles?

Lighting Districts

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Neighborhood street lights can be a deterrent to crime, make a street safer for pedestrians and add to the neighborhoodStreet Lights in Lakota Springs aesthetic. If your neighbors want to "light up" the neighborhood, residents may petition the Township to be included in a lighting district.

If a majority of the affected property owners agree with the terms, which include property assessments to cover the costs of the street light installation and ongoing energy costs,  a public hearing for the lighting district is conducted by the Board of Trustees to gain input from all affected. The Board of Trustees can then approve the lighting district if it is considered to be supported by the majority of those impacted.

As of 2018, there are 45 lighting districts in West Chester with approximately 3,000 property owners assessed for the cost of the street lights. West Chester's first lighting district was on Pepper Pike and it was approved in 1976.

What is the relevant Ohio Revised Code for Street Lighting Districts?

Section 515 of Ohio Revised Code addresses all matters relating to Street lighting Districts.


In a recent internal audit of the township’s 14 oldest lighting districts, it was determined to be appropriate to conduct a public hearing of those assessed and consider formal action to renew these districts under current circumstances.

West Chester’s audit found that in 12 of the 14 districts, a renewal of the district was sufficient after a public hearing and consideration. The other two districts yielded evidence that some properties have been added to the district since the initial request and assessments. Therefore, after public hearing of those impacted, these “newer” properties may be included in the assessments going forward.

Notice of the Board of Trustees May 22 public hearing was sent to all impacted property owners in the 14 affected lighting districts. The public hearing will begin at 7 p.m. as part of the regular Board of Trustees meeting.

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